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Our corporate and security officer services will ensure that securing your property or office building is not an added concern in your daily business operations. Our primary objective is to maintain a secure environment at your work site.


We implement a level of security that makes you comfortable and confident that potential threats, break-ins, vandalism, and burglary are significantly less likely to occur.

Lion's Gate Security Solutions currently provides security services for Orpheum Theatre, Werner Park, Omaha Public Schools and the Holland Center, among other venues. 

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Patrol services from our security officers provide a cost-effective solution when a large area of your property requires security. Patrol services may be best used in places like shopping centers, retail stores, parking lots, warehouses, residential communities, condominiums, apartment buildings, banks, hotels, executive offices or executive buildings. We offer mobile and vehicle patrol services.


Rather than drive by your property, (drive-by security), we create detailed security strategies. Our "boots on the ground" approach utilizes mobile patrol, foot patrol, and corporate security to oversee your property and prevent or react to any criminal activity that may occur on your site. If you have multiple properties, our mobile patrol will provide exclusive services, going directly between your sites without additional stops. We provide this exclusive mobile patrol at an affordable price.

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Protecting your data is ​essential in a world with cyber threats, ransomware and intrusive viruses that can leave you vulnerable.  Lion's Gate can help you to protect your personal and business information with skilled network technicians who know how to stop security threats and prevent breaches. 

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Phone: 402.208.0030    Headquarters (Omaha Nebraska)

Phone: 440.539.8382    Outside Nebraska

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