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Lion’s Gate is among the largest cybersecurity firms in the United States, with offices in Nebraska, Missouri, Michigan, North Carolina, and Ohio.

The average Information Security Professional at Lion’s Gate has more than five years of industry experience. Our Cyber Division provides contracted network management and cybersecurity services, and we work with companies to fill their vacant IT positions.




Lion's Gate is more than just physical security; we also protect your company's computer network infrastructure with skilled network engineers who learn your business. We create a strategy for housing and protecting your data and the data of your customers. 



Cyber threats can cost your company time, money and reputation. Lion's Gate works with you to secure your network and protect it against mal-ware, ransomware and other threats. We use penetration testing to determine the weak points in your data security network and offer solutions that protect your company and your customers. 

Contact us

To discuss your network security needs, please contact us to arrange a consultation.

Phone: 402.208.0030    Headquarters (Omaha Nebraska)

Phone: 440.539.8382    Outside Nebraska

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